Mark P Hitchcock

Toyota Motor North America

Mark Hitchcock is the Sustainability Lead for the Service, Parts and Accessory Operations division of Toyota Motor North America. Mark supports eleven distribution centers in all areas of sustainability: landfill and incineration waste reduction, recycling, water stewardship, energy conservation, greenhouse gas inventories and biodiversity.

Mark is the Chair of Toyota’s North American Waste Focus group which is both driving and monitoring Toyota’s journey to Zero Waste, part of the Toyota’s Global Challenge 2050. The challenge is a set of six global challenges that will move Toyota beyond zero environmental impact to achieving a net positive impact on society.

Mark co-founded and is serving on the board of TERRA, a Toyota Employee Affinity Group, that focuses on education, community service and environmental stewardship. Mark has been with Toyota for 20 years, working in Business Applications, Dispute Resolution, Supply Chain Management and Chemical Management prior to his current role.